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Driving Schools Waterford Michael Buckley School of Motoring
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About - Michael Buckley School of Motoring
Michael Buckley School of Motoring is located in Dunmore East and run by Michael Buckley who is a fully qualified and RSA approved driving instructor (ADI no. 34631). Michael has been providing category B car driving lessons in Waterford since 2001. He specialised in pre-test lessons and helping pupils as they prepare for their driving test. Michael is a person who thoroughly enjoys teaching driving to pupils. In the teaching skills section of his RSA exams where the RSA examiner assesses the instructors ability to convey driving skills to pupils, Michael received a perfect score of 100%. While he now focuses in pre-test lessons which is an area in which he particular excels he has also taken many pupils from complete beginner to passing their test.

Michael Buckley School of Motoring cover the test routes for the driving test centre in Waterford city. They works with pupils who intend taking their driving test in their own car and can meet pupils for their lessons in Waterford city and surrounding areas. They recommends that pupils contact their driving school at least four weeks before the date of their driving test. Where time pressures exist and 'cramming' is required the school will endeavour to do as much as possible in the time remaining. During the first lesson pupils will be assessed and a lesson plan tailored to suit the individual pupil's requirements. The school's approach is very structured and initially sets out to determine and fix the big driving faults. They have found that once the big faults are rectified the smaller driving faults tend to fall into place. Mini mock tests with test sheets are conducted on known test routes as part of the preparation process for the driving test.

By focussing on the preparation stage for the driving test Michael Buckley School of Motoring have become very proficient in ensuring their pupils have bad driving habits and faults likely to cause them to fail rectified prior to them taking their driving test. This is reflected in the incredibly high pass rate of their pupils. Lesson times are designed to suit working pupils with lessons available in the evenings Monday to Friday and all day Saturday. Where required driving lessons can also be organised for Sundays.

Driving School Services and Facilities
  • Beginner and nervous drivers welcome
  • Driving lessons available in your own vehicle
  • Night time driving lessons provided
  • One-to-one driving tuition provided
  • Pre-test driving lessons provided
  • Theory test lessons provided
  • All instructors RSA registered and approved
  • Driving lessons available six days a week
  • EDT car driving course of 12 driving lessons provided
  • EDT car driving lessons (Cat B)
  • Manual car driving lessons (Cat B)
  • Mock driving test provided
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