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About Us
Driving Lesson Booker is a registered business name of M N Marketing Limited who are based in Christchurch Square, Dublin 8, Ireland. M N Marketing Limited are an IT Services company who have been successfully trading since 2004. We are debt free and fully tax compliant.

Please feel free to verify our credentials on the Companies Registration Office website. (Company registration number : 395614)
What is Driving Lesson Booker?
Driving Lesson Booker is Ireland's first real-time online reservation system for driving lessons. Our booking engine technology allows driving schools enter their availability, the areas they service and the type of lessons they provide. Customers in turn can search for driving lessons in their area, compare prices from the driving school returned and view customer feedback from previous customers of the driving schools.
Mission statement
In recent years consumers have become accustomed to purchasing and booking various products and services online. While hotel rooms, tickets and flights are all well serviced by dedicated online reservation systems, driving lessons are still almost exclusively booked by telephone and other traditional means. Driving Lesson Booker offer consumers choice and convenience in the booking of driving lessons. We also offer driving schools an online platform for them to sell their service.
What we offer customers
By selecting the type of lesson required, lesson location, preferred date, vehicle requirements and performing a search, users will be presented with a list of driving schools who provide the type of lesson requested at the date and time selected. The user is able to view lesson costs, information on the driving schools and even read reviews left by previous customers. Users can book a lesson by paying a deposit of 10% of cost of the booking using our secure online payment process. Once the payment process has been completed the user receives an email containing details of the lesson they have just booked. The balance outstanding is paid to the driving instructor at the time of the booking.

Subsequent to the customer completing their lesson they will receive an additional email with instruction on how they can rate the service they received from the driving school.
What we offer driving schools
Never before has it been more important for driving schools to explore ways of growing their business. Online reservation systems have been adopted by many business as an efficient and cost effective way of selling their services to a wider range of customers. The benefits to business of a system which is capable of handling multiple concurrent sales twenty four hours a day, seven days a week needs no explanation. Unfortunately though, the cost and technical challenges of building and maintaining such a system are outside the capabilities of most driving schools.

The online driving lesson reservation system developed here allows even the smallest driving school enjoy the benefits of a large enterprise grade online reservation system without any setup or ongoing running costs. By logging into the agent section of this system and using the simple yet comprehensive management tools available, any approved driving school can have the type lessons they provide, the hours they operate and the area they cover available for customers to book in a matter of minutes. Driving schools are only asked to accept a technology fee on bookings achieved using this online booking system. Click here to view the technology fee structure.

In addition to making online sales dLb.ie offers driving schools the option to create their own micro company website which can be accessed using a Uri of their choosing e.g. www.dLb.ie/YourDrivingSchool. By providing excellent customer service driving schools can build up their reputation through feedback from satisfied customers which will be prominently displayed alongside their driving lesson offerings on our reservation system.
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