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Graduated Driver Licensing system
Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) is a programme of staged licensing, with privileges gained over time, that aims to increase road safety by providing new drivers the opportunity to gain driving experience, skills and maturity. GDL systems generally cover a range of measures that apply to learner drivers and to novice drivers, for a period of two years, after passing a driving test.

The RSA has already begun to implement a GDL programme in Ireland and is now implementing a second phase of actions. The measures involve the introduction of mandatory lessons, Initial Basic Training(IBT) for learners taking out motorcycle permits (on or after 6 December 2010) and Essential Driver Training(EDT)taking out car permits (on or after 4 April 2011).

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Importance of GDL
The RSA has studied the effectiveness of graduated driving licensing systems internationally, and found that GDL programmes result in an increase in driving skills and a significant decrease in fatal accidents. With the aid of a detailed public consultation process, the RSA has sought to introduce measures that maximise the safety of inexperienced drivers and other road users, whilst seeking to avoid penalising responsible, compliant novice drivers.
Relevance of GDL to Learner drivers
The modernisation of driver training and licensing is a key foundation stone of the Government's current Road Safety Strategy. The first phase of the modernisation project has been completed and an additional nine actions have been announced. These will effect:

Learner drivers

If you have yet to acquire your learner permit, in the future, in order to pass your test, your accompanying driver will be more involved in your training and you will have to take compulsory driving lessons. Learners preparing for their driving test should also be aware that changes are being made to the driving test itself.

Novice drivers

In Ireland, in the first two years of holding their full license, individuals will be classed as 'novice drivers'. In the future, novice drivers may have to pass a Hazard Protection Test, bear 'R plates' to indicate their new-driver status, and face steeper penalties for certain driving violations.

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