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How to apply online for your driving test
There are a number of prerequisites that that a person must satisfy before they apply for the Irish driving test.
  • First-time learner permit holders in the categories of cars, motorcycles and works vehicles (e.g. tractors, excavators) must wait six months after the date of the issue of a particular licence category before they can sit their driving test
  • Applicants must ensure they have taken the mandatory number of driving lessons for their chosen category
  • Have a current, valid driving licence and know your driver number
  • Current motor tax and insurance discs and an NCT certificate (if applicable) must be displayed on the vehicle you are using
  • Vehicle to be used for the test must be roadworthy
  • Everything on the vehicle should be in perfect working order, e.g., windscreen wipers, indicators, mirrors, etc.
  • The interior and exterior of your car should be clean.
  • Know how to open the vehicle bonnet and close it securely
  • L-plates should be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle
  • Know your PPS number
  • Possess a valid debit or credit card if you intend to apply online
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Applying for the driving test
You can apply and pay for your driving test online at www.drivingtest.ie. (You will require a credit card to do this VISA or MasterCard. You also need to have a valid e-mail address). Alternatively, you can download an application form for a driving test from www.citizensinformation.iewww.citizensinformation.ie (under Motoring), or obtain a copy from your local Motor Taxation Office. The correct fee must accompany your completed application form.
Cancel your driving test
If you wish to cancel your driving test you must give ten days notice or your application fee will be forfeited. You may cancel up to two appointments without having to make a new application or forfeit your application fee.
Where to apply
Driving Testing Section,
Road Safety Authority Moy Valley Business Park,
Hill Ballina,
Co. Mayo.

Telephone: LoCall: (1890) 40 60 40 (calls charged at local rate from anywhere in the country) or (096) 78289

Email: drivingtest@rsa.ie or info@rsa.ie

For more information please visit: www.citizensinformation.ie http://www.citizensinformation.ie/ or www.drivingtest.ie
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